Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Holiday .. :|

it's been a long time already didn't update my blog ..
wakaka .. 

yeah ! it's time for holiday liao ..
there's got many people who's goin back to their hometown ..
but, i just can't to goin back to my hometown ..
so sad n feel lonely ..

so, for this moment, i just in the hostel with my friend ..
she's from Sabah n she's also my Junior ..
even she's more older than me .. 
just both of us leaving here .. we're toO brave 4 live here .. 
wakaka ..

on 1st day we're been here ..
there's got many things that's happened ..
but, we're just relax with that's things..
no need toO afraid .. 
bak kata org , janji bnda ya sik ngaco kita, cukup la .. 

aiyo ! bole dikatakan many exprience yang agak best n borink wak kowh ..
and susah nar wak kowh nak carik mamam ..
until we're jus ate all my roomates foods ..
not all la, just maybe half ..
wakaka ..
don't getting mad with both of us arh .. 

aiyo ! it's already 612am on 8sept .. 
i've didn't sleep yet since petang semalam ( 7sept ).. 
cause i still can't to sleep , don't know why ..
my friend also can't to sleep ..
 huhuhuh !

bila la mekduak nak tdo pun ku sik tauk wak tok ..
da mata tok sik dpt nak tutup ..
twok nar da tok .. 
nang sik dpt tdo kowh , nak pksa pun sik dpt .. 
wakaka ..