Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Feeling Really Down on 1st Day of Puasa !!

it's been too long i'm didn't update my blog..
i'm really busy with my classes..
classes is really pack ! FULL !!
i think that i'm gonna be have a more suffer 
4 this sem !! :(

eh, today is 11 August 2010 !
today is 1st day of Puasa liao !! 
there's got all muslim people will puasa ..
good luck n Selamat Berpuasa to all of u .. 

9am is Pengajian Malaysia class 4 today..
but, the class was canceled without any reason..
so, we're free 4 2hours .. 
n i'm sit in our studio only n on my lappy !

i'm really feeling down right now !
n feel lonely also !
what's happened to me liao ? 
is it i'm missing mummy, home n other ?
missing my frens ?
or missing to puasa with my cuzie family ?

aiyo ! i can't get the answer of my own question !
i'm getting more blur n down here..
i'm also get a fever since last nytes..
my leg also not really okay, injured !
but, i'm stand all the pain that i have !

is it i'm do a right things ?
with hide all the things ..
searching the answer 4 my questions..
just stand all the pain that i have .. 
just been like this all time..

i just can't to write any words or sentences in my paper !!
it's seem likes i'm not really okay 4 this moments..